Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Offically Listed

Our house has been officially listed and there is a sign post in our front yard. YEAH. I am so excited. It was a lot of work but so much easier than filing for adoption. My house has never been so clean for so long. DH is really motivated to sell quickly so he has been picking up after himself....

We still have a little work to do with the closets and garage. I am fine with someone seeing them but it would be more ideal to straighten them up and organize them. Today is the first day in a few weeks that I did not have to work on the house, so I get to relax. It feels great and I am so happy that I accomplished my goal of getting it listed.

Hopefully we can sell it soon. Our townhouse is part of a four family unit and we are on the end. This is very desirable when looking for a townhouse since you are not stuck in the middle of others and you get more land.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Photographer

The  real estate agent, was waiting for the photographer outside of our house. The photographer was really late and finally called the real estate agent. He said that he was done taking photos and he was surprised that the agent did not show. The real estate agent, tells the photographer that it is impossible bc he was waiting outside of our house the whole time.

He tells him that he went to the wrong address. Same street different house number. The real estate agent asks the  photographer if he just did the outside. Nope, he did the inside too. It seems that the  photographer rang the bell and a man answered. The  photographer tells him that he is there to take pictures bc the real estate agent, requested his services so they can list the house. The man lets him in. The house is a total mess but the  photographer takes the photos anyway.

Later on a police car drives by and stops at my house to ask the real estate agent why he is taking photos of the outside of the house bc that guy called the police. Then the real estate agent, tells him about the mix up. The officer says that it must have just been the outside. Then real estate agent, tells the officer that the man let the  photographer into his home and allowed it to be photographed even though it was a mess and he was not going to list it.

OMG  I was hysterical hearing this story. DH and I hypothesized that this man must have let the  photographer in and then called his wife who said that she was not expecting a photographer and they were not listing their house. That is probably when he called the police.

It felt good to laugh bc we have been so serious these past few weeks.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Made an Offer

I wanted to keep looking for a house that we both loved. DH was done looking and wanted to get something now. I always take forever to make a decision but he is very decisive.  He said we could get one of the houses that I loved...................EEEEEKKKKKK

We put in an offer on a house that was only on the market for about a week. We tried to stay calm and not get too excited bc we knew that it might be too late already. We also put in an offer that was below asking price. They countered our offer with a little more. We accepted.

It does not seem real to me that I bought a house. I am still very cautious bc it is not official until closing and anything can happen. We put down a deposit and will close at the end of July. They don't want to move out until the end of August bc they are building a new house and can't get in until then. They will pay us rent for one month.

We found a mortgage that will help us out. It is adjustable so we don't need to put down 20%. We can still avoid PMI and only put down 10%. This will help us tremendously when trying to arrange money for the adoption and the new house.

Now I have to get my house listed and sell it. I have been working every night to declutter, visit the storage unit, and paint. My main project is still the garage. I have painted most walls and most of the ceiling. I started to paint the floor grey and it looks amazing. As soon as that is done, we can finish moving stuff out of the other rooms into the garage and clean.

 Adoption News:
Case number five is closed for now. The grandmother is going to file for custody bc the bm is not legally allowed to parent. I am fine with this bc I knew in my heart that it was really iffy. I never got attached to this one. I have also been so busy with the house that I did not have time to get my hopes up.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Case #5 Reopened

We have been very busy looking for a new house. It has been exciting but exhausting. Every other night we would go out to look at something and then the other night we would pack up stuff in our current house. We also made runs to the storage unit. Looking at other houses is great research when you are selling your own house. I realized how important it is to declutter and clean your house. It is amazing the range that I saw from totally empty vacant to full blown they live here and you can totally tell they are slobs.

We got a few car loads out of our house and it already looks so much larger. We also found a bunch of hot spots that need some TLC like paint touchups or that hole in the back wall of the garage that I never bothered to patch.

Then in the middle of the day last week, my dh calls me and said that the sw called him to say that case #5 was back open. This was the case that I got the call in March and the bm chose another couple. It seems that the couple backed out and now we are it. This case seems very unstable. The other couple who already experienced a take back decided they could not risk it.

Since the due date is not until July and we are still in full blown  house hunt, we said yes. I am not really sure exactly what is going on and we still have to meet with the bm. I am not getting my hopes up since the details seem iffy and there are still two months to go. We are rolling the dice for now and not telling anyone about this bc they won't understand and I don't want to get their hopes up.

At least for now, it seems that this was meant to be. We would not have been able to afford both the house and the adoption, if we adopted first bc we would have used our cash. Since we are going for the house first we can use our cash for the down payment and then borrow from the house for the adoption.  It is crazy bc you end up paying the same amounts but the down payment must be in cash and the adoption can be a loan so you have to get the puzzle pieces to fit just right.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Home Study Annual Renewal

It is that time already. We are starting the process of  renewing our home study. So far DH got his physical done, mine is next week. We had to get papers notarized swearing that we have not committed any crimes. They also ran our finger prints again. We have to have another home visit in May.

I started to think that maybe if I had a nicer house with a huge backyard, I could update my profile book and be more attractive to a BM. We were also tired of waiting around for a baby so we decided that it was finally time to move.

For the past three weeks we have been consumed with house hunting. It has been great. We are happier and have really enjoyed the hunt. We signed up with an agent and started to look online. We went to a bunch of open houses and had our agent get us a few showings. I saw a bunch that I loved and so did DH but they were not the same ones. It will be difficult for us to find something that we will both love.

We are tying really hard to get our house ready to get listed. Today we sent our first car load of stuff to the storage unit. We are going to declutter our house as much as possible to make it look larger and more appealing. 

I have to laugh bc we have been very responsible up until this point. Now we are taking a huge risk bc we have to sell our house and find a house to buy that is affordable while keeping in mind the expensive adoption that we also have to pay for.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday

Woke up and it was CD 1. This was only a 21 day cycle. That has been the norm for me for awhile so I was kind of expecting it, but still in denial hoping that it would not show for another week. One of these days I will deal with this and see the dr for more progesterone. I was not feeling well and was not looking forward to a long drive to see my family. I did want want to go but I made dh promise me the other day that he would make us go bc I had not seen my family in a few months. The car ride was easy, the roads were full but no major traffic jams.

We walk in the door and were greeted by family members. It was nice and I was really happy that I made it. Then my mom pulls me aside to tell me that my cousin who is not married got his girlfriend pregnant and she is having a girl due in Sept. Woah ambush. He is 32 so at least he is not too young, but it was a total surprise since I think that first time she came around was Thanksgiving so I know that they have not been dating that long. That means it was unplanned and did not take long. UMMM so jealous. At least I found out about my cousin's baby in person and not on FB.

They are both quiet and shy so I think they were also embarrassed at not being married so things were mostly quiet about it. At first I was relived bc I was still in shock and panic mode and was not sure if I would be able to make it. At the end of the night, I was starting to feel better about it, but I was still very sad for myself and my parents.

There were three small children there and so of course everyone talks about them and how cute they are and how they wish there were more children around........ummm burn. Then of course everyone loves to start telling birth stories. My sister gave birth in her car and we had to hear that story again...........ergh oh and then she says how it cost her $3,000 to have her child bc that is her deductible. I had to bite my tongue. Yeah I am sure that for most fertile people who have fertile friends who pay little to nothing for the hospital that is a lot of money. I have already put down $8,000 deposit and have nothing to show for it so paying $3,000 to bring home a healthy baby is pocket change.

Over all I had a nice visit and I was glad that I came. I had a lot of nice conversations with family members. I played with some of the kids which was fun.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Case #5 Updated

Dh called me today during work and said the SW called him. I got really excited until he said that the bm chose another couple. On the bright side at least the SW called us this time and we did not have to wait to call her.

This one hit me really hard. I feel the sadness and disappointment of a bfn. The bm was due at the end of the school year which is perfect timing for me. I tried for years to have this happen on my own. Every year when it would line up I would get excited and then nothing happened. Today I got slapped in the face again.

We did  not get any calls for two months and then this was over in a flash. Who knows when the next chance will come along? I am getting really discouraged. I am losing my patience. I want to take all the money I have saved for this adoption and just run away to the Caribbean.

I wanted to give the sw a few months to see how many cases we got. Now I am starting to wonder how much I need to start advertising on my own. I didn't really want to do this for many reasons, but now I worry that I have to.

Friends and family are starting to get discouraged too bc they don't understand how this works. They are complaining to me that this is taking too long and that really annoys me. I am trying to keep my cool but I want to yell profanities at them.